Botwinder Mk.II

You can use Botwinder Mk.II for one day trial period, after which the bot will automatically leave your server, if you do not meet at least one of the requirements below.
Requirements (one of)

  • Patreon Subscribers at 3$ or more
  • Discord Partner with VIP voice servers up to 20 000 members.
  • Handpicked partners - unique communities with worthy cause, such as open source projects, Linux or other geeky places, and any Elite Dangerous server. (talk to our PR team)

Patreon info for subscribers:

  • Please make sure to contact Rhea#0321 with your patreon details (patreon username or email) (Discord Partners do not have to confirm anything.)
  • Remember that the bot is bound to servers you own, or one extra server you explicitly ask for (Talk to Rhea - PM her the Server ID)

Don't forget to set-up permissions and role hierarchy!

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